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The original Fat Girls were Venus and Willie, created by the artist, Sarrah S. Steiner (pronounced sir-RAH), in 2006 as one of a set of paintings she had done for the living room of her new home.

Venus and Willie

She got her inspiration from a statue of the Venus of Willendorff who, like the artist herself, has a very earthy and round figure.

Venus of Willendorff

In 2007, Sarrah (still pronounced sir-RAH) decided to play with ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards, as a fun way to occupy her time and to get miniature works of art from other artists. She thought Venus might look great on a 3.5" x 2.5" trading card. She was right! She received all sorts of positive comments in that particular ATC community so she decided to make more and had fun with them, such as the "Wanda Dances with Degas" ATC below.

ATC-Wanda Dances with Degas

Before she knew it, she had several different Fat Girls, each with their own personalities and fans. Several artists suggested to her that these might make well-received note cards and other merchandise. She sells online as well as various art fairs around the Atlanta area.

Sarrah (yep, still pronounced sir-RAH) has an eclectic/punk/goth aesthetic to her own style (for lack of a better word) and was frustrated that most of the cute jewelry stopped at a ring size 7 or 8, bracelet length of 7" or necklace length of 16". As a result of this, she has branched out into making fun alternative pin/button jewelry geared for larger people with rings that adjust up to a size 10.5, necklaces than come on 24-30" chains that can be cut down to any size for a customized length, chokers for any size neck and bracelets that easily fit an 8" wrist without any stretching. And since she is the type who like lots of fun accessories, she keeps her prices low so they affordable, ranging from $1 for a button to $20 for a bow tie button choker.

Here's a statement from the artist:
I've always been a Fat Girl and am happy that I have found a positive way to represent Fat Girls everywhere. While I think ALL people are awesome, I especially think Fat Girls Rock! :-)

Do you print all of your cards yourself?
No. I go through a third party printer who also ships directly to you for me, saving both of us time and money! There are some items, such as the pins, jewelry, and assortment packs, that I do ship which is why your order may not come all at once but in two separate boxes.

Do you sell your cards at any stores?
At this time, no, but I am definitely interested in exploring that venue! If you would be interested in selling my cards and/or jewelry, please contact me at the e-mail above.

Do you ship internationally?
YES! Now that I sell through Etsy, I have that option!

Do you sell anywhere other than online?
Right now, I sell at various art fairs around the Atlanta area and just recently started vending at some of the Mon Cherie events held at Masquerade and The Shelter in Atlanta.

Are any of the Fat Girls modeled after real people?
For the most part, no. Most of the Girls came about because I was inspired by something else. For instance, Wanda came about when I was making an ATC (Artist Trading Card) for a "Women with Wings" swap. I just kept picturing this sweet, innocent, and almost naive lady misunderstanding the whole "wings" concept and showing up with a bucket of chicken. So when I do a card for Wanda, there is a sweet and innocent quality to it. Each Fat Girl has a different personality and I think each represents the different facets of us all.

Are any of the Fat Girls modeled after you? Are any of them your self-portrait?
As a matter of fact, "Sashi" is my self-portrait. I even have the pink stripes in my hair! I don't play the guitar, though.

Why did you give your Fat Girl the name "Sashi"?
It's actually the name that most of my friends call me. It's short for "Sashibala" which is Hindi for "Moon Girl." Like the moon, I am white, round, and beautiful. ;-)

So what's the deal with your real first name?
(*laughs*) I know it looks a lot like "Sarah" but it really is pronounced "sir-RAH". My first name is made up of initials of the three people closest to me when I was born: SA, RR, and AH.

Are your jewelry designs your own?
Yes, they are. However, there are a few instances where I will use a commonly found image online, such as Janet Leigh's shower scene in "Psycho", and tweak it to make an awesome button or piece of jewelry.

How many people work for FatGirlArt?
Just me right now. :-) My wonderful husband helps me out quite a bit, though!

Is it possible to get a free sample?
YES! Just send me an e-mail at HappyArtistGirl@FatGirlArt.com to ask me for a sample and I will see what I can do! I will not send samples to requests generated through "freebie" sites, though.

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